Investing in Our People

Humber makes a significant investment in our staff through the provision of professional development opportunities designed to ensure the ongoing development of skills, competencies, and expertise. We strive to create an environment where learning and professional growth and development is valued, nurtured and pursued by everyone. Through our leadership, we endeavour to create an organization that truly supports a richly diverse learning community.

What We Do

Learning and Development

  • We design, develop and deliver a comprehensive training program, available to all employees, and using a variety of methods to deliver learning (e.g., classroom based, e-learning) designed to promote business and personal effectiveness.
  • We promote the development of a strengths-based organization through the provision of Insights, StrengthsQuest and other strength-based initiatives.

Performance Management

  • The design and development of competency frameworks for key positions across the organization as the foundation for performance management, training and development, and career planning initiatives.
  • We design and deliver training in performance management across the organization.
  • We ensure compliance with performance evaluation requirements and standards.

Build Organizational Capability

  • The development of organizational resilience and capacity for change and innovation.
  • Facilitating strategic planning and foster strategic thinking within academic schools and administrative departments.
  • Building productive and engaged teams, and providing resources to support managers with the ongoing development of effective teams.
  • We maintain a positive organizational culture and climate.

Succession Planning

  • We define target performance and behaviours, assess potential bench strength, identify future leadership needs, and develop plans to close the gap.
  • We strive to ensure a succession plan that identifies exceptional performers with demonstrated potential for key leadership roles across the organization.