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Hazardous Materials

Humber is committed to ensuring that chemicals and other hazardous materials on campus are managed in a safe and controlled manner and in compliance with all relevant legislation.  This section outlines how Health and Safety Services helps the college achieve this goal.

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)

Health and Safety Services works with the various schools and departments within Humber to implement Humber’s Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) program.  Program components include:

  • WHMIS Procedure
  • WHMIS Training
  • Humber MSDSonline - Humber maintains an electronic Safety Data Sheet (SDS) management system which allows employees to easily access up-to-date chemical safety information about the products they are using at work.  To find an SDS for a product used at Humber search Humber MSDSonline. For detailed instructions, refer to the MSDSonline Quick Reference
  • Local SDS CoordinatorsAt Humber, a Local SDS Coordinator is appointed for each location where hazardous products are used. The local SDS coordinator keeps MSDSonline up-to-date for the location and makes printed copies of safety data sheets available if needed. 

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Health and Safety Services manages hazardous waste disposal for the college. All chemical and hazardous waste disposal must be arranged through Health and Safety Services to ensure compliance with strict Ministry of Environment and Transportation of Dangerous Goods legislative requirements. This type of waste includes, but is not limited to, chemical wastes generated from laboratory experiments, unwanted/outdated chemical products, waste oil and fuels, surplus paints, compressed gases, batteries and mercury containing devices. For more information refer to Humber’s Hazardous Waste Disposal Procedure or contact Health and Safety Services directly. 

Hazardous Materials Spill Response

Hazardous materials spill response is coordinated through Health and Safety Services. The Departments of Public Safety and Facilities Management also play significant roles in spill response at the college by contacting and assisting emergency responders and controlling building systems (e.g. ventilation systems) respectively. All hazardous materials spills are to be reported immediately in accordance with Humber’s Hazardous Materials Spill Procedure.