Workplace Safety and Well-being

Creating an organizational culture where workplace safety is highly valued depends on efforts by both employees and organizational leaders. Our goal is to ensure that employees feel safe at Humber, work in a safe manner, and become ambassadors for a safe workplace. Our commitment and leadership is fundamental to establishing a thriving safety culture. We recognize that our employees' involvement in, and ownership of, the creation of a safe workplace is crucial to our success.

What We Do

Education and Promotion

  • We promote safety awareness and safe work habits. Ensure that all employees are familiar with their role and responsibilities for health and safety, and with the health and safety issues associated with their work environment, including violence and harassment.

Legislative Compliance

  • We maintain a safe work and study environment through ongoing compliance and conformance with appropriate health and safety legislation, policies and programs.

Incident Management and Reporting

  • We ensure that all employee accidents, incidents, injuries and illnesses are properly reported and managed, and employees return to work safely and effectively.

Handling of Hazardous Materials

  • We ensure that all hazardous wastes and spills are properly managed in a safe and sustainable manner, and in compliance with all environmental legislation.


  • We ensure open and effective communication of health and safety performance and significant health and safety issues to key stakeholders.