Consequences of Policy Violation Redress and Sanctions/Corrective Action

Documented and substantiated complaints or complaints found to be made maliciously or vexatiously may result in discipline of an employee or a student. In the event that the College makes a finding of workplace violence, it has the right to determine sanctions to be imposed. Determination of appropriate discipline will be made in the context of the seriousness of the violation and the student’s or employee’s history with the College, along with a consideration of the deterrent effect of such discipline on the person being disciplined and on the College community.


In redressing a victim of workplace violence, the College will take into account the individual circumstances of the victim in each case and will devise an appropriate remedy. Redress may include, but is not limited to, remedies such as:

  • increased safety surveillance
  • receipt of written apology 
  • cessation of offending behaviour 
  • offer of a course 
  • review of academic standing and/or marking 
  • ongoing counseling 
  • restore person to position they would have been in had the harassment or discrimination not occurred
  • offers of employment or reinstatement  

Sanctions/Corrective Action

Disciplinary action/sanctions will take into account the severity of the breach of the policy and on the individual circumstances of the respondent. Corrective actions or sanctions may include, but are not limited to, the following:  

  • non-disciplinary counseling/education/correction
  • reprimand and warning (verbal or written)
  • section, job or program transfer
  • requirement to provide an apology to the victim (verbal or written)
  • behavioral contract which specifies certain behaviour with which the party must comply
  • transfer
  • demotion
  • suspension
  • dismissal (i.e. termination or expulsion)
  • barring contractors from future bids
  • no trespass notice  

If the complaint is related to work, all discipline will conform to generally acceptable standards of employee discipline and, in the case of employees represented by the Union, be consistent with the Collective Agreement in force at the time.