Online Pay Stubs

Humber is replacing the paper pay statement with an online version starting May 12, 2016.  You can access your 2016 pay stubs online at any time from work or home by clicking on the following link.

View your pay stub


For more information on how to access and view your pay stub, please view the video, reference guide and/or frequently asked questions (FAQ) below. 

Demonstration Video
pdf print icon Reference Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

I keep seeing the same pay stub even though I select other dates?

Make sure that you use the menu button that says ‘pay stubs’ on the left side of the screen each time you view a different pay stub.  Don’t use your browser back button as it may not refresh the data.

Am I eligible to see my online pay stub?

Online pay stubs are available to all Humber paid employees.

Where do I get more information?

To see an information video, review a reference guide or frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)
please go to .

For further assistance, contact your manager.

I am not sure how to go online and access my pay stub?

Please review the video and reference guide at or ask your manager for assistance.

Where do I go to view my pay stub?

To view your pay stub, go to .

Login using your Humber user name and network password, the same as you use to access MyHumber, Blackboard, etc.

I don’t remember my password, where do I go?

Go to “Reset your password” on the ITS website .

If you have problems, contact ITS Support Centre at ext. 8888.

When can I access a current pay stub?

The current online pay stub can be accessed the day before the pay is deposited to your bank account.

Can I see past pay statements?

Online you can view your pay statements starting from January 2016.

For pay stubs from 2015 or earlier; please refer to your paper copy.

Can I access my online pay stub from home?

Yes you can access your pay stub at any time from work and/or home using the link

What internet browsers are supported?

The recommended browser is Internet Explorer through version 11, as well as Firefox.

If you are having problems contact the ITS Support Centre ext. 8888.

Will I continue to also receive my pay stub by mail?

No, the online pay stub will replace the paper copy starting in June 2016.

Can I download and save my online pay stub?

Depending on your printer set-up and browser you are using, you can print to a PDF and then save the PDF file.

Can I print my on-line pay stub?

You can print your pay stub at home or at work, anytime.

Use the print button in the top right corner of your screen.

At home your browser has to be set up to print on your home printer.

How is the Online Pay Statement different than the paper version?

The layout is simpler and easier to read (see: Video or Reference Guide)

Employer paid taxes are not shown as these do not impact your pay calculation.

Taxable Benefits are not identified separately but included in the list of Employer Deductions.

What does the Total Taxes include?

The Total Taxes includes: Canadian Income Tax (CIT) + Canada Pension Plan (CPP) + Employment Insurance (EI)

How do I calculate my Total Taxable Benefits

In the “Paid by employer” section of your pay stub add together the amounts containing “TxBn40”.

Why is my address and Social Insurance Number (SIN) not on my Pay Stub?

The last 3 digits of your SIN is shown with the rest of the number masked to ensure data security.

Your address is not shown on the online version as it is no longer needed for mailing purposes.

To update your current address contact your Manager.

Is the Online Pay Stub available in alternative formats?

Yes, alternative formats are available; please contact HR at ext. 4393.

I don’t have a computer, what do I do?

If you don’t have a computer or access to a computer, please speak with your manager.

In addition, any of the Humber public computers can be used to access your pay stub online (ie in the library, computer labs, etc.)

There is a problem or error on my pay statement.

If you need help with the information on your pay stub, please contact HR at ext. 4393.

pdf print icon Printable FAQs

If you require any information on our website or any of the information that our department distributes in an alternate format, please contact:  HR Services at or 416-675-6622, 4393.