Appreciation Wall

Welcome and thank you for visiting the Virtual Appreciation Wall.

The Virtual Appreciation Wall is populated with submissions from the Humber Community. Gratitude plays a powerful role in the culture of the workplace and learning environments. Everyone benefits when we all take a moment to show some gratitude. Take a moment to reflect on what you feel gratitude for and how we can bring joy to every day through gratitude.

The EDI Taskforce Campus Culture Working Group wants to thank everyone who submitted a note of appreciation to the Appreciation Wall.

To make a submission to the Spring 2022 Virtual Appreciation Wall, please click here

The Fall 2021 Appreciation Wall with all of your kind words of gratitude can be found in here (PDF). This document is available in an alternate format upon request.

We encourage you to continue to bring joy to every day through gratitude.

For more information pertaining to Making a Habit of Gratitude, please contact Campus Culture, Chair, Kathryn Edgett at