Workplace Violence


Workplace is wherever an employee or student attends for the purpose of work or study involving activities sanctioned by the College, including a virtual or cyberspace environment.

Workplace Violence

Workplace violence is any act in which a person is abused, threatened, intimidated or assaulted in the course of employment or learning. Workplace violence includes threatening behavior, behaviour that could reasonably be interpreted as threatening, verbal or written threats, verbal abuse and physical attacks, including the attempted use of physical force. 

Specific behaviours may include but not limited to:

  • hitting or shoving an individual;
  • threatening to harm an individual or his/her family, friends, associates, or their property;
  • the intentional destruction or threat of destruction of the College property;
  • making harassing or threatening telephone calls, letters, E-mail or other forms of written or electronic communications;
  • intimidating or attempting to coerce an employee/student to do wrongful acts;
  • harassing surveillance, also known as “stalking”: the willful, malicious and repeat following of another person and making a credible threat with the intent to place the other person in the reasonable fear of his/her safety.