Procedures for Dealing with Acts of Violence

If the act or altercation constitutes an emergency, call the following:

  • North Campus and Lakeshore Campus, ext. 4000
  • North Campus Residence, ext. 77000
  • Lakeshore Campus Residence, ext. 73000
  • Off Campus locations, call 911 (also call Public Safety at 416-675-6622 ext. 4000)
  • Pay phones/Cell phones, 416-675-8500
  • Off Hook (leave your receiver off the phone cradle and a security guard will attend your location)
  • Campus Emergency phones:  interior and exterior yellow boxes (push the button to contact security) 

For instances that involve emergency situations, or criminal activity, the Department of Public Safety will, at their discretion, contact the appropriate emergency service and meet and direct the emergency service to the appropriate area. At the appropriate time, the Department of Public Safety will conduct an investigation and prepare documentation describing the occurrence. For non-emergency situations, contact the Department of Public Safety at ext. 8500 and they will investigate and complete a Security Occurrence Report and forward it to the appropriate department (Student Service, HR Services etc.).